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Vice Vice Baby | Short Film | April 2017

A short film about a pair of young thugs who must figure out a way to escape their enraged boss or face the consequences. I was the producer on this project tasked with constructing the schedule, dealing with live action aswell as VFX teams and running day to day operations.

The Intern | Short Film | January 2017

A short film about a young mans inner struggle between his normal day job at an insurance firm and his night job as a for hire killer. I was the head producer and co-editor on this project. As the the head producer on this project I scheduled shoots, scouted locations, kept correspondence with actors as well as other producing responsibilities.

A Thousand Years | Music Video | September 2016

A music video based on a cover of "'A Thousand Years"' by Christina Perry. I was responsible for both recording the audio and co-editing the video

Creative Bytes Project | Trailer | April 2016

A trailer created for an unannounced Creative Bytes Studios title to highlight features of the game to potential platform holders such as Sony and Microsoft. I was the the editor and co-designer of the trailer consulting with the leads of the company to come to the final tone and style of the trailer. For more information please contact Paul Caporicci at

Miscommunication | Short Film | March 2016

A short film about two bumbling idiot gangsters looking for their bosses lost cash. I was the writer, producer, co-editor and lead actor on this piece. As the producer on this piece I was responsible for scheduling shoots, preparing the lists of required props and planning out all meetings for required items (ie. Storyboards)

Shaun And Tweed Theater | Improv Series | February 2016 - March 2016

A series of short improvised videos done by both myself and a constant creative collaborator, Paul Drotos. In each weeks episode we would shoot and write a short 2 - 5 minute video based on that weeks topic  surrounding video games or the internet in general. I stood as the series co-creator, co-writer and co-lead actor. 

Famine | Short Film | November 2015

A short film about a young man's choice to stay a hard working member of society or give into his animistic desires. I was the producer on this project mostly in charge of setting dates for shooting the project as well as being the lead actor.

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