The Last Sky | Adventure Platforming Game | QA Tester

  • An adventure platforming game about a man's journey through limbo and his attempt to come to terms with it

  • I served as a QA tester on the project where my duties involved finding, recording and reporting bugs to the appropriate team members

Wings of Icaria | VR Action-Adventure Game | Production Intern

  • A VR action-adventure game about a young man's vision quest to save his tribe and potentially the universe

  • I served as a production intern on the project where my main tasks were maintaining task lists, bug testing and creating and maintaining bug report lists

  • As well I assisted with the design of various parts of the title including characters and gameplay mechanics

Project Memoir | VR Adventure Game | Sole Developer

  • A VR game where players are faced with dealing with the death of a close friend

  • Created as my thesis at Ryerson University for the Masters of Digital Media program

  • I was the sole developer on the project creating all level designs, art assets as well as being the technical lead

  • Developed with the HTC Vive

Joustaposition | Action Party Game | Producer

  • A local multiplayer, fast-paced, energetic, and woefully inaccurate future society's take on the ancient art of jousting

  • I served as a co-producer being responsible for dealing with a team of 16 people, planning the schedule and dealing with day to day operations

  • Also served as a member of both the marketing and QA teams

  • The project was shown at 2017 LevelUp Student Video Game Competition where it was rewarded 2nd place in the Peoples Choice Category out of 87 teams



Embers of Mirrim | Platforming Game | Production Intern

  • A platformer about two creatures who must come together to protect their world from an alien threat

  • I served as a production intern on the project where my duties included creating a trailer for the game that was used to show off the project to potential publishing partners

  • As well I also supplied feedback on the project through playtesting

Donkey Kong Reverse Engineered GDD | Documentation | Writer

  • A reverse-engineered Game Design Document for the arcade classic, Donkey Kong 

  • The document includes explanations of all areas of design, art, and technology



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