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Tower Of Sky | 2D Platformer Game
April 2016

A 2d platformer for PC. My key responsibility on this project was the design and execution of the projects schedule for all its included teams. As well I was in charge of compiling and keeping up to date the sound and art teams asset lists.

Miscommunication | Short Film
March 2016

A short film about two bumbling idiot gangsters looking for their bosses lost cash. I was the writer, producer, co-editor and lead actor on this piece. As the producer on this piece I was responsible for scheduling shoots, preparing the lists of required props and planning out all meetings for required items (ie. Storyboards)

Donkey Kong Reverse Engineered GDD | Documentation
February 2016

A reverse engineered Game Design Document for the arcade classic Donkey Kong. I was responsible for designing a theoretical GDD centered around the arcade game Donkey Kong. The document includes descriptions and explanations of all areas of design, art and technical that could be used to recreate the game.

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